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Dining Chairs from Schlabach Furniture

windsor youth chair and windsor high chair
212-63 |212-59
Windsor Youth Chair | Windsor High Chair
acorn high chair and acorn youth chair
212-58 |212-61
Acorn High Chair | Acorn Youth Chair
shaker dining side chair and shaker dining arm chair
76-MG461-S | 76-MG460-A
Shaker Dining Side Chair | Shaker Dining Arm Chair
americana dining side chair and americana dining arm chair
76-BB-101-S | 76-BB-100-A
Americana Dining Side Chair | Americana Dining Arm Chair
soho dining chair
Soho Dining Side Chair
queen victoria dining side chair and queen victoria dining arm chair
76-21-1303 | 76-21-1309
Queen Victoria Dining Side Chair | Queen Victoria Dining Arm Chair
mission dining side chair and mission dining arm chair
76-22-1906 | 76-22-1909
Mission Dining Side Chair | Mission Dining Arm Chair
hampton dining side chair and Hampton dining arm chair
76-11-4106 | 76-11-4109
Hampton Dining Side Chair | Hampton Dining Arm Chair
sylvan dining arm chair and sylvan dining side chair
308-SY372-S | 308-SU373-A
Sylvan Dining Side Chair | Sylvan Dining Arm Chair
european dining arm chair and European dining side chair
113-G09-10 | 113-G09-1
European Dining Arm Chair | European Dining Side Chair
new england bay dining side chair and new england bay dining arm chair
113-G12-11BC | 113-12-10BC
New England Bay Dining Side Bar Chair | New England Bay Dining Arm Bar Chair
simply organic side chair and simply organic arm chair
308-SOG612-S | 308-SOG613-A
Simply Organic Dining Side Chair | Simply Organic Dining Arm Chair
spencer dining side chair and spencer dining arm chair
308-SP22-S | 308-SP23-A
Spencer Dining Side Chair | Spencer Dining Arm Chair
albany dining side chair and albany dining arm chair
10-AL-303-PG | 10-AL-304-PG
Albany Dining Side Chair | Albany Dining Arm Chair
settlers mission dining arm chair and settlers mission dining side chair
10-AL-1751 | 10-AL-1752
Settler's Mission Dining Arm Chair | Settler's Mission Dining Side Chair
heidelberg dining side chair and heidelberg dining arm chair
308-HE522-S | 308-HE523-A
Heidelberg Dining Side Chair | Heidelberg Dining Arm Chair
canfield dining side chair and canfield dining arm chair
308-CA472-S | 308-CA473-A
Canfield Dining Side Chair | Canfield Dining Arm Chair
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